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...Saint Sulpice.

The world première recording of Widor’s second song-cycle, composed in 1902, together with further gems from the pen of this master musician, popularly assumed to be “...just an organist…” The shorter melodies are also world première recordings, some of which still remain unpublished.

Widor – Chansons de Mer

Naxos 8.572345

Michael Bundy (Baritone) – Jeremy Filsell (Piano)

Chansons de Mer Op.75*, La Nuit**, Tristesse Infinie**, Nuit Mystérieuse**, Dormez, Mèlité**, Oublieras-tu que d’heures Douces…**
* World première recording of the complete cycle ** World première recording

A Sample of Widor - Dormez, Mèlité

...Notre Dame.

The anguished cycle by Louis Vierne, perhaps summarises his attitude to love and life. The two symphonic songs are given here in their original voice and piano versions. The early Psyché Op.33 (1914)demonstrates the composer’s ardent, longing, whilst the Ballade du Désespéré Op.61 (1931) - almost the last work that Vierne was to compose - graphically depicts the composer's stoicism in the face of impending mortality.

Vierne – Le Poème de l’Amour

Naxos 8.572346

Michael Bundy (Baritone) – Jeremy Filsell (Piano)

Le Poème de l’Amour Op.48, Psyché Op.33*, Le Ballade du Désespéré Op.61*
* World première recording of the original version for voice and piano

A Sample of Vierne - Le Bateau Rose


Charles Tournemire, one of music’s most misunderstood composers, demonstrates his gift for melody. All but Sagesse are recorded here for the first time and only two of the mélodies were ever published. They are filled with a rare atmosphere and show a mastery of keyboard sonority and subtlety with an innate understanding of the voice— combined in songs of great beauty.

Tournemire – Sagesse

Naxos 8.572347

Michael Bundy (Baritone) – Helen Crayford (Piano)

Sagesse Op.34, Poème Op.32*, Triptyque Op.39*, Trois Lieder Op.46*, Solitude* Op.25, Le Désir qui Palpite…*, Dialogue Sacrée Op.50* (with Claire Seaton, Soprano)
* World première recording

A Sample of Tournemire - Solitude

Available directly from the author or through Naxos and all good retailers.

These recordings can be obtained at a generous discount - £5 for one, £9 for two, £12 for three...with free P&P in the UK - directly through this website!

Other solo performances available on CD:

Hurd The Widow of Ephesus - Soldier.

Dutton CDLX7269

Orchestra Nova conducted by George Vass; other artists involved include Louise Winter and Pippa Goss

A tragi-comic three handed opera, long overdue for another staging...

Kakabadse The Phantom Listeners
Naxos 8.572524

Orchestra Nova conducted by George Vass; other artists involved include Kit Hesketh-Harvey (he of 'Kit and the Widow' fame...how appropriate!), Emma Brain Gabbot and Claire McCaldin.

A dramatic depiction of Walter de la Mare’s gothic poem

Purcell The Fairy Queen Arts Music - 47679

All bass roles.

Accademia Bizantina conducted by Ottone Dantone. Other soloists include Carolyn Sampson, Will Towers, and Andrew Carwood

Enough said...although no dialects were allowed – all terribly serious...even the Drunken Poet! This led one reviewer to conclude that MRB

"...had not drunk anything stronger than milk..."

...if only he knew!

Tovey The Bride of Dyonisus – Dyonisus and King Minos

Dutton CDLX7241

The Ulster Orchestra conducted by George Vass. Cast includes Sally Silver, Yvonne Fontaine and Robert Johnston.

A luxuriously romantic opera from the pen of a man known today only as an academic.

Chausson Le Roi Arthus – Chevalier.

Telarc CD-80645

A lowly Herald, with the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leon Botstein: Cast includes Andrew Schoeder, Susan Bullock and François le Roux

A wonderfully lush retelling of the Arthurian legend...in French!

...and (rather strangely)...

Wagner Tristan und Isolde – Kurwenal (Act II only)

Warner Classics 256462964-2

Conducted by Donald Runnicles with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and a cast that included Christine Brewer and John Treleavan.

Recorded live, on three separate evenings, in London’s Barbican concert hall – one act per evening.

For some reason, no-one had realised that Kurwenal also appeared in Act II - three words, four notes - and so a substitute was needed:

There is no attribution of this (very brief) contribution on the CD itself!


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